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Server Specifications

* Intel Pentium 4™ 1.60 Ghz
* 120GB IDE Hard Drive
* Intel Motherboard

Our Connection Lines

Our Multihomed Bandwidth Connection Lines
* OC3 (155mbps)
* DS3 (45mbps)
* OC3 (155mbps)
* Cogentco (100mbps)
* T1 - T2 - T3

Network Specifications

* A flagship data facility equipped with complete state-of-the-art Cisco systems; and a 24-hour Network Operations Center.
* What does all this mean for your business? Digital Net Design's state-of-the-art network guarantees that no one can offer faster or more reliable service. And our commitment to adopting the best technologies available means that we'll continue to provide unbeatable speed and reliability.

Power Management System:

* 1.6 megawatts (MW) premise power
* Customer-dedicated power backed-up by Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS)
* High-capacity Honda generator
* Servers-dedicated circuit breaker protection
* Scalable customer power

Fire Suppression System:

* State-of-the-art, gas-based fire protection system
* Separate fire zones below the floor and above the ceiling
* Specialized heat/smoke sensors
* Automatic local fire department notification

Mainframe-Style Construction:

* NEW! 12,000 SQ FT Data Center
* 3 public colocation totaling 6,500 SQ FT of floor space
* 1 Dedicated Server farm area totaling 4,100 SQ FT.

Facility Security System:

* Motion sensors
* Secured access
* SecurityLink alarm systems
* 24 x 7 automatic police department notificationPersonal Security System:
* 24 x 7 System Administrators access to Internet Data Center
* 24 x 7 monitoring by on-site personnel